Understanding your Subscription

The annual subscription package includes 10 installments of the regularly published Brooklyn Rail, plus any special issues that are released.

💰 When will I be charged?

  • You will be charged once up front for the full amount.
🌏 What about shipping costs?
  • Shipping costs are included for USA-based subscribers.
  • For international subscriptions, shipping is an additional $15 per issue.

💡 What if I need to change my address, pause or cancel my subscription?

  • You can do that! Subscribers manage their subscription directly by logging into Shopify and navigating "Manage my subscription" --> "Cancel Subscription" or via this link.
  • If you prefer you can shoot us a note at store@brooklynrail.org and we will adjust on your behalf.

💌 Have a different question? Always feel welcome to ask the team, we're at jorja@brooklynrail.org